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Showing Events From Mar 19, 2024 - Apr 19, 2024

  • PSUC Culturally Responsive Teaching and the Brain

    Mar 26, 2024 4:15pm Clock Hours Online
    Creating classrooms that are culturally responsive is essential for ensuring that all students are successful. Participants will read the book, Culturally Responsive Teaching and the Brain by Zaretta Hammond, and develop plans for implementing culturally responsive teaching strategies. We will meet five times in a Zoom format; each session will
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  • Integrating Wellness Monthly Themed Focus Breathe for Social Justice PSUC

    Apr 9, 2024 4:30pm Clock Hours Online
    Course will include powerful social-emotional learning strategies and tools that teachers and students can implement together in the classroom and/or on their own. These strategies empower teachers to show up as their best selves, and help students focus their minds, connect their bodies, regulate their emotions, express their creativity, form
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  • Micro-credential Orientation

    Apr 15, 2024 4:30pm Clock Hours Online
    After completing this course, participants will be ready to start work on an NEA Micro-Credential, and will understand the WEA support structure required in order to earn WA State Clock Hours for the learning experience. Participants will attend this course ONCE to learn about how to access and choose an
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  • WEA - Using Restorative Justice in your Classroom April 15 25 and 29/2024 (6 clock hrs - 2 hours each session)

    Apr 15, 2024 4:30pm Clock Hours Online
    This course is to create a space where educators can learn to understand the positive impact that restorative justice can play in building relationships and developing community with students daily. Educators will learn how restorative justice implementation can repair harms and restore relationships that could be jeopardized between students, peers
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  • Developing TPEP Student Growth Goals with the New Rubrics

    Apr 16, 2024 4:30pm Clock Hours Online
    Learn about the changes from the original TPEP student growth goal model to the new, revised version. Examine the shifts, including an increased focus on educator reflection, and using students' assets in developing goals. Connect with the critical attributes involved with the new goal-setting process, and learn more about the
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  • Teacher Certification 101

    Apr 17, 2024 4:30pm Clock Hours Online
    Learn about the latest teacher certificate renewal requirements! Teacher and CTE teachers will become familiar with recent policy changes affecting teacher certification. Find out more about the new equity-based school practices certificate renewal requirement, STEM requirement, and the next steps you need to take to renew your certificate. Learn how
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  • Spokane EA Cohorts Component 1 Workshop

    Apr 18, 2024 4:30pm Clock Hours Spokane
    This is for registered participants of Spokane EA's Cohort Support Program
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