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Join WEA-Retired as a pre-Retired life member!

WEA members will receive a $50 rebate when you join

WEA-Retired/NEA-Retired April 1 - 30!

*WEA Fourth Corner Council members will receive an additional $100 rebate from the council for a grand total of $150 off a life membership!

Some Benefits of WEA-Retired/NEA-Retired Membership

Membership is for a lifetime in a powerful, active retiree organization that understands the value of public education and unions because of its affiliation with WEA. (WEA-Retired is the only retiree organization with this affiliation and the only one that offers a life membership.)

Membership continues eligibility for NEA Member Benefits such as credit card and insurance programs, including the $1,000,000 liability insurance if you choose to work as a substitute educator, and WEA’s Attorney Referral Program, which offers discounts to our members.

Stay connected. Keep great benefits. Make a difference.

Retire from your position, not your profession.

Your membership will flow seamlessly from pre-retired to retired status.

Certificated pre-retired life membership $550 (before rebate)

ESP/Classified pre-retired life membership $430 (before rebate)

*Join online paying full price. The rebate checks will be mailed to you!

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