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This is a trying time for educators in our community.  We are reaching out to you during this unprecedented time, with the knowledge that it is more important than ever for all of us to work together in adapting to these new challenges. We are the mainstay of the work that is being done to serve our students and their families during this time.


Our current WEA Fourth Corner members receive up to the minute updates on how to cope with the impact the COVID epidemic is having on the work you do. We would like you to be included in the dissemination of ideas and notification of changes, as a well-informed workforce, working in concert, gives us the best chance at success.  In order to do that, we would like offer you an opportunity to become a member. It’s easy; just click on this link to do so. EJOIN MEMBERSHIP FORM.


As we have transitioned into working away from our familiar work sites, it is the union that has negotiated the impact of that move, including the continuation of your pay and benefits. We are working to ensure your safety and the safety of your students by bargaining with district representatives to establish social/physical distancing parameters and set critical reentry criteria. In addition, the union is working closely with elected government officials, such as OSPI Superintendent Chris Reykdal. It is the union that has helped shape many of the guidelines that come from OSPI, as well as those from Governor Inslee.


Our continued attention to the needs of our members demonstrates why we have among the highest membership levels in the state. Please consider joining your colleagues and becoming a member. Your voice is important.


Thank you so much! We are excited to have you join us working for the best interests of your colleagues, the children you serve and their families.

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